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Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Abbotsford

In Abbotsford, our clinic is dedicated to providing the most effective and personalized frozen shoulder treatment for individuals experiencing restricted shoulder mobility and pain associated with adhesive capsulitis. Our experienced team of physiotherapists employs a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of frozen shoulder, including inflammation, adhesions, and joint capsule thickening. Through a combination of manual therapy techniques, targeted exercises, and modalities, we aim to improve shoulder flexibility, reduce pain, and restore normal range of motion. Choose our clinic for the best frozen shoulder treatment in Abbotsford, where expertise and patient-centered care come together.
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Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Thickening of the Joint Capsule: The joint capsule is a structure made of connective tissue that covers the shoulder joint. If it gets inflamed, it can cause adhesions to form and the joint’s normal range of motion to be limited.

Prolonged Immobilization: Frozen shoulder can happen when the shoulder joint is immobile or stays immobile for a long time, like after surgery, an accident, or a time spent in a sling.

Systemic Conditions: Some diseases and conditions that affect the whole body can make getting a frozen shoulder more likely.

Autoimmune Responses: There are times when the immune system may play a part in how frozen shoulder happens. Autoimmune reactions happen when the immune system attacks healthy tissues by accident.

Why Choose Gladwin Physiotherapy for Frozen Shoulder Treatment?

Our team of experienced physiotherapists is dedicated to giving each patient individualized care by using techniques that have been shown to relieve pain, improve shoulder mobility, and recover function. When someone comes to us with a frozen shoulder, we make sure that their treatment plan fits their specific needs. We want to break down adhesions, reduce inflammation, and help the body heal properly by using a mix of thorough manual therapy, targeted exercises, and modalities.

When to Get Frozen Shoulder Treatment?

If you’re having shoulder pain, stiffness, and a loss of range of motion that won’t go away, you need to get help for your frozen shoulder right away to get better. At Gladwin Physiotherapy in Abbotsford, we suggest that you get help when:
  1. Persistent Shoulder Pain: This is a clear sign that you should see a doctor about your shoulder pain, especially when you’re moving or just sitting still. If the pain doesn’t go away, you may have a frozen shoulder.
  2. Gradual Loss of Range of Motion: A big sign that you need treatment for frozen shoulder is a noticeable decrease in your shoulder’s range of motion that makes daily tasks hard.
  3. Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks: If the pain and stiffness in your shoulder make it hard for you to do everyday things, you should see a doctor for a full evaluation and the right treatment.
  4. Limited Improvement with Home Remedies: You should see a doctor for professional frozen shoulder treatment. They can do a full evaluation and specific treatment plan.

frequently ask questions (faq)

How can I tell if I have a frozen shoulder? When should I go to Gladwin Physiotherapy in Abbotsford for help?
If you have shoulder pain that won’t go away, stiffness, and a slow loss of range of motion, you may have a frozen shoulder. If these signs are getting in the way of your daily life or if you’re having trouble doing normal things because your shoulder hurts, you should see a physiotherapist at Gladwin Physiotherapy.
At Gladwin Physiotherapy, we start treating frozen shoulders by doing a full exam to see how bad the problem is. Manual therapy, focused exercises to improve shoulder mobility and strength, and modalities like heat or ice to reduce pain and inflammation may all be used together in treatment. The goal is to make a personalized treatment plan that meets each person’s unique needs so they can fully heal.
No, you don’t need a recommendation. Gladwin Physiotherapy is happy to take recommendations, but you can also make an appointment for treatment of a frozen shoulder on your own. Our expert physiotherapists will carefully evaluate your condition and make a treatment plan just for you based on your needs and condition.
How long it takes to get better from a frozen shoulder depends on how bad the situation is, personal factors, and how well you follow your treatment plan. Many people feel a lot better within a few weeks, but the physiotherapist will be able to give you a more exact estimate during the first visit.
Of course. It is important to get care for frozen shoulders, even if the symptoms are mild, so that long-term problems don’t happen. Early intervention helps get to the root of the problem, eases pain, and speeds up and completes the healing process.
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