Post Surgery Treatment


Trusted Post Surgery Treatment in Abbotsford

At Gladwin Physiotherapy, our team of skilled physiotherapists is committed to giving each patient after treatment specialized care that is tailored to their specific needs. Our all-around approach includes techniques that have been shown to work, specific workouts, and cutting-edge methods that help the body heal, get back to normal function, and reduce the risk of complications after surgery. Because we know how important it is to have a personalized recovery plan, we work closely with each person to deal with specific issues that come up after surgery. This creates a supportive environment that helps people heal quickly and successfully.
Individualized Care Plans
Advanced Rehabilitation Techniques

Causes of Post Surgery Treatment

Recovery from Surgical Trauma: Treatment after surgery is often needed to help people heal from the trauma that surgery causes.

Restoration of Mobility and Functionality: Surgery can make it harder to move and do other things in the treated area for a short time.

Prevention of Complications: Treatment after surgery is very important for keeping problems like infections, blood clots, and stiff joints from happening.

Muscle Strengthening and Rehabilitation: Incisions made through muscles are common during surgery, which can make muscles weak and weaken.

Why Choose Gladwin Physiotherapy for Post Surgery Treatment?

As part of our dedication to using practices that have been shown to work, we use advanced rehabilitation methods such as manual therapy, targeted exercises, and cutting-edge modalities. Our goal is to ease pain after surgery, lower inflammation, improve mobility, and strengthen the areas that need it so that the patient can heal quickly and fully. At Gladwin Physiotherapy, we put our patients’ health first by creating a supportive space where people can regain their abilities, avoid complications, and have the best results possible after surgery.

When to Get Post Surgery Treatment in Abbotsford?

It’s important to know when to get treatment after surgery in Abbotsford to make sure you heal quickly and avoid problems. When should you think about getting treatment at Gladwin Physiotherapy after surgery?
  1. Immediate Post-Operative Phase:  Start your post-surgery care as soon as your surgeon lets you, which is usually right after the surgery. Early measures help control pain, lower swelling, and speed up the healing process.
  2. Upon Discharge from Hospital: Beginning post-surgery care is a good idea if you’ve recently had surgery and been sent home from the hospital. The main goals of rehabilitation are to improve mobility, avoid complications, and start an organized recovery plan.
  3. When Mobility and Functionality are Limited: After surgery, if you have problems with your mobility or functioning, like not being able to move a joint or do daily tasks, you should get post-surgery treatment to solve these problems.
  4. Healthcare Provider: Follow your surgeon’s or healthcare provider’s advice about when to start treatment after surgery. They may tell you exactly when to start rehabilitation based on the type of surgery.

frequently ask questions (faq)

How soon after surgery should I start post-surgery treatment at Gladwin Physiotherapy in Abbotsford?
When you should start treatment after surgery depends on the type of surgery you had and what your surgeon says. Often, treatment can start soon after surgery, in the first few days after surgery, to help with pain, stiffness, and speeding up the healing process.
Gladwin Physiotherapy offers a variety of treatments that can be adjusted to each person’s needs after surgery. Some of these are physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, modalities like ultrasound or electrical stimulation, and specialized rehabilitation techniques that are meant to speed up recovery and get people back to using their bodies normally.
There is no need for recommendations, but they are welcome. You can make an appointment right away at Gladwin Physiotherapy for treatment after surgery. Our skilled physiotherapists will carefully evaluate you and make a treatment plan just for you that is based on your surgery and your unique needs.
At Gladwin Physiotherapy, care after surgery includes ways to deal with pain effectively. Our physiotherapists use a variety of manual techniques, modalities, and therapeutic exercises to help patients feel less pain and discomfort and heal more quickly.
How long you need to be treated after surgery depends on the type of surgery, how bad your situation is, and other personal factors. The goal is for each patient to fully heal, so treatment plans are made to fit their specific needs. The length of time will be talked about and changed as needed during the recovery process.
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